D-Chat User Guide


Download&Log in

  1. Download: https://im.xiaojukeji.com
  2. For iOS users, if you receive the notification “Untrusted Enterprise Developers”, please go Settings and click “Trust” for "BeiJing XiaoJu Technology"

  3. Log in process:
  4. Full-time employees, interns and hour-based outsourced employees can log in D-Chat with SSO accounts. For project-based outsourced employees, please contact your manager to apply for the SSO account. Log in steps as below:

  5. If you have any problems related to SSO account and log-in, please contact Int'l InfoSec SSC on D-Chat, or send e-mail to infosecissc_public_p@didiglobal.com.

Basic Settings

  1. Personal Information
  2. Click on your profile picture, a pop-up window allows you to change your profile picture and your preferred name; contact HRBP to change other information.

  3. Notifications
  4. click on “Setting”-> “Preferences” -> “Notifications”to change the default notification setting and type

  5. Group Chat Notifications
  6. go to a group chat you are in, click on the icon on upper right first, and choose one notification type

  7. Efficiency Mode
  8. The efficiency mode organizes chats on the message list and display unread chats only. (except chats that are muted)

  9. DND
  10. “Do Not Disturb” blocks all notifications except read receipts;“Timing Mode” blocks notifications for a selected period of time.

Common Features

  1. Read Receipts
  2. “Request Read Receipts” sends a notification to the sender once the receiver reads the messages. Users can only “Request Read Receipts” on messages sent by them in both private and group chats.

  3. Favorite
  4. Users can use the “Favorite” feature to add messages in their“My favorite” list (messages added are only visible to users themselves)

  5. Mark
  6. Users can use "Mark" feature to save important messages for quick access in both private and group chats.

  7. Mark for Later
  8. mark a conversation and response later; a blue clock shows up and disappears after clicking on the mesasge.

  9. Pin on Top
  10. Users can pin the private or group chats on the top of the message list for quick access; remove it by right clicking “Unpin".

  11. Screenshot (Only on desktop)
  12. Click on the scissor icon to take a screenshot and confirm by clicking on green check mark, then paste the sceenshot to the clicpboard. Press “Shift”then screenshot icon to hide the window.

  13. Snippet (Only on desktop)
  14. Users can send up to 20,000 characters on Snippet.

  15. Group Chats
  16. Create group chats

    Method 1: “Start a Chat”on the top right of the message list

    Method 2: Add new members under group settings

    Manage groups

    The five permissions on the right are designed for the group owner only:

Hightlighted Features

  1. Robots
  2. Robots can only be added on the desktop version at the moment. Any group members can add robots by clicking on the upper-right corner → click "Robot" under the “Group Setting”→ pick and add an existing robot or customize one into the group chat.

  3. Translation
  4. Users can set up "Auto Translation" (translate all messages sent by others automatically) or “Selected Message Translation" (translate selected messages only) between Chinese and English, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

Customer Service

  1. E-mail
  2. Users can send their questions to D-Chat@didiglobal.com, D-Chat team will reach to you as soon as possible.

  3. D-Chat Group
  4. Users can click here to join D-Chat Global User Support Group, D-Chat team will directly response in the group.

    Please note: due to the time difference between users and our technical support staff in China(UTC+8), we will reply as soon as we see your messages, and we appreciate your patience.